Cyclone Big Rig is committed to improving big rig engine performance to meet our customers’ needs. Since many customers have told us that fuel economy is at the top of their lists, we made it a priority. The HDGT and HDWD feature a Driving Coach which tells operators exactly how efficiently they’re driving. For drivers concerned with the most miles from their gas tanks, this feature is a lifesaver. The Driving Coach interface displays real-time feedback on braking and acceleration, instant and average economy, fuel usage, throttle position and load to keep the driver informed about exactly how efficiently they’re driving.

The quickest and easiest way for drivers to determine how efficiently they’re driving is to look at their Driving Coach grade, which is calculated in realtime to help drivers keep an eye on their habits. The Driving Coach grade is determined by comparing those habits to a set of ideals for each parameter that is being monitored. The Driving Coach also offers audible alerts when braking and acceleration are faster than they should be, if the driver chooses to activate them.

We understand the sticker shock that is often a part of heavy duty drivers’ experience at the pump, so we have done all we can to ensure that drivers are equipped to correct habits that can lead to excessive fuel use. The Driving Coach can guide even the most inexperienced driver through maximizing their engine’s potential.


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