ECM Tuner for Detroit


bullydog ecm tuner for detroit will make your bigwig perform like it needs to to get the job done with better fuel mileage and horse power. 3 tunes up to 20% more power are in the bullydog big rig ecm tuner for detroit. 12.7,14l,dd13,dd15,mercedes 900,4000 all with 1 part number. expect up to .5 more mpg with the performance gain or 15% in the economy with power tune in the detroit ecm tuner by bull dog big rig.

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Product Description

ECM Tuner for DETROIT (46531)

The Bully Dog 46531 Heavy Duty ECM Tuner is the perfect product for those fleet owners who want to tune and go. This Heavy-Duty tuner is streamlined to include 3 power levels, a speed limiter calibration features, and a DTC trouble code reader. The beauty of the ECM Tuner is in its simplicity; simply select your desired power level for the drive ahead, complete the install and store the tuner on-board to enjoy the perks of Bully Dog tuning.


  • 6% – 15% Power Increase
  • Speed Limiter Adjustments
  • 6% – 12% Fuel Mileage Increase
  • Diagnostic Trouble Code Reader

Power Levels:

  • Economy (6%-10% Gain)
  • Economy & Power (6%-12% Gain, 35HP-75HP)
  • Power (15% Gain, 75HP-100HP)

Detroit Applications: 

2007-2012 DD13 12.8L
2007-2012 DD15 14.8L
2007-2012 DD16 15.6L
1999-2007 Series 60 14.0L

Mercedes Applications:

2007-2010 MBE 4000 12.8L
2007-2010 MBE 900 7.3L

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Weight 10 lbs


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