Heavy Duty Gauge Tuner

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Product Description

The Heavy Duty Gauge Tuner incorporates Bully Dog’s SAE tested and emissions tested diesel engine tuning with a complete gauge package, diagnostic features and the famous economy focused driving coach to bring you a tool that will maximize your vehicle utility. Check out our product feature highlight videos and our fliers to fully explore the potential that the Heavy Duty Gauge Tuner holds for your Heavy Duty diesel tractor.

Heavy Duty Diesel Tuning
No other product can compete with the superior tuning options of the HDGT. Owners can choose between the standard equipped Economy Tune, the Economy + Power Tune or opt for complete custom tuning by one of Bully Dog’s trained professionals.

Subjected to Bully Dog’s rigorous on-road beta testing and independent SAE testing, the Economy Tune consistently helps drivers achieve mileage gains from 6 to 12% or more.

The Economy + Power Tune improves fuel economy while safely increasing the horsepower and torque of your truck. Dyno tests show performance increases up to 18% while drivers report being able to and save time and money by being able to pull heavier loads without downshifting.

For drivers who want to push the parameters and standard settings of engine tuning even further, Bully Dog’s professionally-trained tuners offer complimentary custom tuning. If you need even more power, more pull, and more miles out of every gallon, call our Heavy Duty Technical Support line at 940-783-9914

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